Royal Court


The Tournament of Roses is proud to celebrate the 100th Rose Queen this year! The 100th Rose Queen and 2018 Royal Court will attend nearly 100 community and media functions, acting as ambassadors of the Tournament of Roses and the Pasadena community at large. The grand finale for the 2018 Royal Court will be riding  on a float in the 129th Rose Parade® presented by Honda and attending the College Football Semifinal at the  Rose Bowl Game® presented by Northwestern Mutual, both on Monday, January 1, 2018.


From left to right: Princess Georgia, Princess Sydney, Princess Julie, Rose Queen Isabella, Princess Alexandra, Princess Savannah and Princess Lauren 



Celebrate 100 years of royalty at the Pasadena Museum of History and enjoy the limited time exhibit, Royals of Pasadena: Rose Queen and Royal Court. This unique exhibition will explore the traditions and history of the Royal Court, from the selection process to the Rose Queen Coronation, to riding on a float in the Rose Parade. Special highlights include Queen’s crowns from the past century, on loan from the Tournament of Roses, and the gown of 1940 Rose Queen Margaret Huntley Main, the oldest living Rose Queen. 

Royals of Pasadena will be on view from September 2, 2017 through February 11, 2018. The exhibitions galleries will be open 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays. Please visit for more information and tickets.


Meet previous Royal Court members, make new friends and learn about the tradition of the Tournament of Roses by participating in the Royal Court Tryouts. Everyone who participates in the initial interview sessions will receive two tickets to the Royal Ball, a semi-formal dance hosted by the Tournament of Roses. Wear something you feel comfortable in that reflects your personality and will make a good first impression. Participants are selected based upon a combination of qualities, including public speaking ability, poise, academic achievement, and community and school involvement.



  • Immerse yourself in an organization dedicated to hands-on volunteerism and discover opportunities to connect with and give back to your local community
  • Develop your public speaking and etiquette skills, and grow your self confidence
  • Receive a small educational scholarship, full wardrobe for appearances, professional hairstyling, make-up application and instruction, and transportation to and from Royal Court activities
  • Join generations of past Royal Courts, make lifelong friendships, and become a role model for others


  • Be an unmarried, female resident of the Pasadena Area Community College District and able to provide verification of residence
  • Be a senior in high school or enrolled as a full-time student (minimum 12 units) in any accredited school or college in the Pasadena Area Community College District
  • Possess at least a 2.0 grade point average in both the current and previous years’ course work and able to provide verification of same
  • Be at least 17 years of age by December 31, 2017, and not more than 21 years of age before January 5, 2018, with no children
  • Be available to participate in all scheduled interview sessions
  • Register and complete the official Royal Court online application

2018 Royal Court Finalists


Download the 2018 Royal Court information PDF HERE


Who selects the Royal Court?

Eleven men and women make up the Royal Court selection committee. They are all volunteer members of the Tournament of Roses who have been appointed to serve on the Queen & Court Committee. The committee members and their spouses also serve as chaperones for all Royal Court activities and appearances.

What should I expect at the initial interview session?

If you have not filled out an application prior to coming to the initial tryout session, you will need to do so when you arrive. We strongly encourage you to complete the application online prior to your arrival at the initial interview session. You will check-in up on arrival and be assigned a badge number to retain anonymity. There will be a brief orientation session before you are directed to make your introduction to the selection committee. One or more former Royal Court members will be available to help answer your questions, and tours of Tournament House will be offered. You should plan to spend two to three hours at your initial interview.

What should I say during my initial interview?

You have 15 seconds in front of the Queen & Court Committee to state your badge number and tell them why you want to be on the Royal Court. The selection committee will not ask you any questions nor will they ask you to begin speaking.

What happens after the initial interview?

Following the initial interview sessions, the Queen & Court Committee will meet and determine who to invite for the second round of interviews. Approximately 250 young women are asked to return. Third round interviews are then narrowed to about 75 participants, and then to approximately 25 Royal Court Finalists, from whom the seven Royal Court members are selected.

How will I know if I am to attend the next round?

Shortly following each round of interviews, participants are notified by email if they are invited to participate in the next round of interviews.

Does it cost money to be on the Royal Court?

No. If you are selected as a member of the Royal Court, you will receive a small educational scholarship, wardrobe for your appearances, professional hair styling, make-up application and instruction, and transportation to and from Royal Court activities.

If I have participated in the Royal Court Tryouts before, should I participate again?

Yes. The Queen & Court Committee and pool of participants change from year to year, and previous experience can help you feel more at ease during the interview process. Many former members of the Royal Court have participated more than once.