PASADENA, Calif. (September 28, 2016) – The finalists for the 2017 Tournament of Roses Royal Court were presented today at Tournament House.

Nearly 1000 people participated in the interview process and seven of the 34 finalists will be named to the 2017 Royal Court on October 4, 2016. The Tournament’s Queen and Court Committee made its selections based on a number of criteria including poise, speaking ability, academic achievement, and community and school involvement.


Top row, from left: (#617) Natalie Rose Petrosian, La Cañada High School; (#660) Elyse Juliann Reed, La Cañada High School; (#687) Dominique Noelle Pittman, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#727) Audrey Mariam Cameron, Blair High School; (#762) Tiffany Claire Echols, Pasadena City College. (#732) Maya Kawaguchi Khan, Arcadia High School.

Fourth row, from left: (#350) Kamela Elyse Stewart, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#371) Stephanie Shih, Temple City High School; (#470) Sophia Guadalupe Lopez, South Pasadena High School; (#531) Somer Nicole Tiffani Isaac, Maranatha High School; (#533) Victoria Cecilia Castellanos, Temple City High School; (#551) Grace Osher Van de Voorde, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#590) Anisa Keyur Patel, La Cañada High School.

Third row, from left: (#253) Dineen Elise Tamayo, Pasadena City College; (#265) Anne Marien Bishop, Maranatha High School; (#299) Shannon Tracy Larsuel, Mayfield Senior School; (#325) Lauren Emiko Powers, Arcadia High School; (#326) Alyssa Hadlyn Chan-Evangelista, Arcadia High School; (#332) Noni Sakile Davis, Polytechnic School; (#334) Mikayla Jyvonne Nicholas O’Reggio, Mayfield Senior School; (#339) Moondera Nodeja Rabb, Alverno High School.

Second row, from left: (#121) Natalie Marye Buntich, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#138) Elena Lizette Flores, John Marshall Fundamental High School; (#164) Caitlin Ann Mispagel, La Cañada High School; (#172) Alexandra Ann Tighe, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy; (#193) Raquel Ann Ruiz, La Salle High School; (#211) Kin Mirley Spencer, Maranatha High School; (#212) Autumn Marie Lundy, Polytechnic School.

First row, from left: (#21) Mariah LeighAnn Benn, John Marshall Fundamental High School; (#27) Mishtii Rajmohan Murari, Flintridge Preparatory School; (#42) Kennedy Diana Callaway, John Marshall Fundamental High School; (#53) Sophia Olivia Calabretta, Arcadia High School; (#85) Marissa Rose Mendez, Arcadia High School; (#114) Lauryn Camille Miller, John Muir High School.

The 2017 Royal Court Announcement will take place at Tournament House 9:30am.

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