Frequently Asked Questions

College Football Playoff

How long is this new playoff system in place?
The playoff system is contracted to be in place through at least the 2025 season pursuant to an agreement with ESPN, which owns the rights to broadcast all the games.
What happens in years when the Rose Bowl Game is not part of the semifinal playoff bracket?
Both participants in the Rose, Orange and Sugar Bowls are contracted outside the playoff arrangement (Big Ten and Pac-12 to Rose Bowl Game; SEC and Big 12 to Sugar Bowl; ACC to Orange Bowl against a contracted opponent). If a conference champion qualifies for the playoff, then the bowl will choose a replacement from that conference. When these bowls host the semifinals and the contracted conference champions do not qualify, then the displaced champion plays in the other New Year's bowls.

The Fiesta, Cotton and Peach (Atlanta) Bowls will host the displaced conference champions and the top-ranked champion from a non-contract conference. Highest-ranked available teams will fill any other berths.
Who is the selection committee?
The selection committee is composed of 13 people who rank the top 25 teams starting at roughly midseason and ultimately seed the four-team playoff at the end of the season. The group includes five categories of individuals: people with experience as coaches, student-athletes, administrators, journalists and sitting directors of athletics.

The selection committee members serve one, three-year term that will be staggered to allow for rotation of members. The top criterion for selection of committee members is integrity.
How are the teams seeded in the CFP?
The teams are seeded so that #1 will play #4 in one semifinal and #2 will meet #3 in the other with the winners advancing to the National Championship Game.
Where will the National Championship Game be played?
The top two teams play in the College Football National Championship Game at an independent site at least one week after the semifinals. Interested cities submit bids to host the game, similar to the process for the Super Bowl.

AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas will host the first title game on January 12, 2015. Glendale, Ariz. will host on January 11, 2016 and Tampa, Fla. will host on January 9, 2017.
When will the semifinal games be played?
Teams in the semifinal games play during the New Year's holiday, and teams competing in the national championship game play in primetime on a Monday night at least a week later.

In 2015, the Rose Bowl Game and the Sugar Bowl will host the semifinal games, both taking place on New Year's Day.

The hosts of the two semifinal games rotate each year among six of the most prestigious bowls in the country: the Peach (Atlanta) Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl Game and Sugar Bowl.
What is the format of the CFP?
The best four college football teams play in two semifinal bowl games; then the top two teams compete in the national championship game in a different city each year.
The CFP selection committee seeds the best four teams for the semifinal playoffs and assigns other teams to selected bowl games. No conferences have automatic bids into the playoff, and there is no limit on the number of teams from a conference that can participate.
What is the College Football Playoff (CFP)?
Beginning with the 2014-2015 season, college football enters a new era when a postseason playoff begins. Appropriately named "College Football Playoff," the CFP replaces the prior Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

Rose Bowl Game

Who will rank the teams?
A seleciton committee chooses the four teams for the semifinal games based on their performance during the regular season, including their win-loss record, strength of schedule, head-to-head results, championships won and other factors.
I am disabled. How can I attend the game and how many people will be allowed to sit with me at the accessible seating location?
Disabled guests should request seating in the disabled patron seating area when purchasing tickets from an official distributor. One companion ticket may be purchased for a seat beside the accessible seat. Any remaining adjacent seating for those accompanying disabled ticket holders will be provided on game day on a first-come, first-served basis. Accompanying individuals must bring their regular ticket to exchange, pending availability, at one of the stadium’s customer service booths. One is located at tunnel 28; another is in a tent across from the entrance to the Pavilion.
Can I take a taxi cab to the Rose Bowl Game?
Taxis can drop off passengers on Holly Street, between Fair Oaks Avenue and Arroyo Parkway. From there, individuals can ride the free shuttle to the stadium. There are no drop-off/pick up provisions at the stadium itself. All taxis (and other passenger cars) entering the Rose Bowl Stadium area on game day will be required to the pay the $40 parking fee.
What public transportation is there to the Rose Bowl Game?
Ticket holders can take the Metro Gold Line, exiting at Memorial Park Station in Pasadena. From the station, follow the signs for two blocks to the free shuttle pick-up/drop-off location at Parsons Corporation headquarters (corner of Fair Oaks Avenue and Holly Street). The shuttle will run continuously from 10 a.m. until approximately two hours after the end of the game.
What time do the parking lots open for the Rose Bowl Game?
Parking lots at Rose Bowl Stadium will open at 4 a.m. on the day of the Rose Bowl Game. Other than designated RV parking, there is no overnight parking at the Rose Bowl Stadium. There are no in-and-out privileges in any stadium parking areas. If you exit the parking lot, you will be required to pay the full parking fee again upon re-entry.
My game tickets were lost/stolen. What should I do?
Stolen tickets should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency as well as the official distributor from which they were purchased. Replacement of stolen tickets is at the discretion of the original distributor; tickets stolen on game day will not be replaced under any circumstances. Lost tickets will not be replaced.
Does my infant child need a ticket?
All persons attending the Rose Bowl Game must have a reserved seat ticket for admission. Lap passes are not issued for the event.
How can I buy tickets to the Rose Bowl Game?
The Tournament of Roses Association does not sell tickets directly to the public. For official distributors of tickets to the game, please visit the Tickets page.

Rose Parade

Can I bring a cooler if I’m going to watch the parade from the street?
Coolers are permitted for sidewalk viewing, but not in grandstand seats. Prohibited items along the route include: tents, sofas, ladders, scaffolding, sticks, poles, weapons of any type. Bonfires are not allowed but small, professionally-manufactured barbecues elevated at least one foot off the ground are allowed on the sidewalk.
When can I stake out a spot along the route?
Individuals can begin reserving space along the parade route beginning at noon the day before the parade.
Can I help decorate floats?

Float builders are generally happy to have volunteer assistance for float decorating but they each have distinct needs and policies. More information about how to volunteer to decorate floats can be found here.

How can I obtain a DVD of the Rose Parade?
The Tournament of Roses Association does not own the rights to any television broadcasts of the Rose Parade, and the Association does not produce its own DVD for sale to the public. You can contact the stations/networks that broadcast the parade but their sales policies vary and there may be costs. This information is true of the most recent Rose Parade as well as previous Rose Parades.
How can I ride on a float in the Rose Parade?
Float riders are determined by the individual float sponsors and/or their float builders. The Tournament of Roses Association plays no role in determining who rides on any given float.
How long does the Rose Parade last?
The Rose Parade is about 2 hours long from any given point along the route.

Tournament of Roses Association and Tournament House

Why are the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game sometimes held on January 2 instead of New Year’s Day?
The Tournament of Roses has had a “Never on Sunday” tradition since 1893, the first year since the beginning of the Tournament that New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday. Officials wanted to avoid frightening horses that would be tethered outside churches and thus interfering with worship services so the events were moved to the next day, January 2. Though horses are no longer tethered outside local churches, the tradition remains to this day.
How do I become a member of the Tournament of Roses Association?
Prospective members must live and/or reside within 15 miles of Pasadena City Hall and must be willing to commit time to serving as a volunteer, including on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. For a full list of eligibility requirements, visit the Membership page.
We want to take a tour of Tournament House. Is it accessible to those who are mobility impaired?
Free tours are given February through August on Thursdays at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. The first floor of the Tournament House is accessible. There is one flight of stairs leading to the second floor where a portion of the tour takes place. For those who cannot use the stairs, a virtual tour of the second floor is available for viewing on DVD while at the house.
Can I take wedding/graduation/birthday pictures in the gardens surrounding Tournament House?
Special event photography requires a permit from the City of Pasadena’s Parks & Recreation Department. Please call (626) 744-7275. Additionally, special event photography on the grounds is allowed on Saturdays and Sundays only, during the months of February through July only. There are no restroom facilities available and no vehicles are allowed on the premises (street parking only).
What is the Tournament of Roses Association?
The Tournament of Roses Association is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization that presents the annual Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, as well as a number of related events. More information can be found on our History page.

Queen and Court

If I have participated before, should I participate again?
Yes. The selection committee and pool of participants change from year to year, and previous experience can help you feel more at ease during the selection process. Many previous members of the Royal Court participated more than once before being selected.
Will Royal Court activities interfere with school?
During the busy and exciting months leading up to the Rose Parade®, Royal Court members will be required to miss several partial or full school days for wardrobe fittings, photography sessions, media appearances and community events. It is important for Royal Court members to be able to prioritize their time to fulfill both school and Tournament of Roses obligations. Many Royal Court activities will occur after school and/or during the winter vacation period but overall it requires a significant time commitment. It is a worthwhile and memorable experience, but it is also a lot of responsibility.
What is the Royal Ball?
The Royal Ball is a semi-formal dance hosted by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. Only those who participate in the Royal Court selection process are invited to attend.
Why should I participate in the tryout process?
Whether or not you are selected as a member of the Royal Court, participants often find the experience rewarding and enjoyable. Participants have the opportunity to meet previous Royal Court members, make new friends, learn about Pasadena’s tradition of the Tournament of Roses and be a part of history in the search for a Royal Court. Participants also receive a ticket for two people to attend the Royal Ball as guests of the Tournament of Roses.
What should I wear to the selection interview?
Wear something you feel comfortable in that reflects your personality. There are no specific attire requirements, but you should remember that you are trying to make a good first impression on the selection committee members.
What is the selection committee looking for?
Participants are evaluated on a wide range of qualities including poise, personality, speaking ability and overall demeanor. Academic achievement is also a factor.
How will I know if I am to attend the next round?
Following each round of interviews, participants are notified by email if they are being invited to participate in the next interview session.
What happens after the initial interview session?
After all of the participants have met the committee, its members meet and determine who to invite for the next step in the selection process. Following the initial session, approximately 250 young women are asked to return for another interview. Participation then is narrowed to about 75 candidates, and then to approximately 25 finalists, from whom the seven Royal Court members are selected.
What should I say during my introduction?
You have 15 seconds in front of the selection committee to state your number and tell them why you are participating in the Royal Court. The selection committee will not ask you any questions nor will they ask you to begin speaking. Keep it short and to the point.
What should I expect at the initial tryout session?
If you have not filled out an application prior to coming to the initial tryout session, you will need to do so when you arrive. (We strongly encourage you to do the application online in advance.) You will be assigned a number and there will be a brief orientation session before you are directed to make your introduction to the selection committee. One or more former Royal Court members will be available to answer your questions, and tours of the historic Tournament House will be offered. You should plan to spend two to three hours at your first session.
Who selects the Royal Court?
Eleven men and women make up the selection committee. They are all volunteer members of the Tournament of Roses who have been appointed to serve on the Queen & Court Committee. The committee members and their spouses also serve as chaperones for all Royal Court activities and appearances.
Is there an entry fee to apply?
No. In fact, if you are selected as a member of the Royal Court, you will receive a small educational scholarship, wardrobe for your appearances, professional hairstyling, make-up application and instruction, transportation to and from Royal Court activities and a number other benefits.