The Tournament of Roses is governed by a Board of Directors made up of all living past presidents (referred to as Life Directors) of the Tournament, 16 Directors elected from the membership ranks (primarily from among those who are serving as committee chairs) and the 14 members who have been elected to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee oversees much of the day-to-day policy-setting and business affairs decision-making. The Executive Committee includes a president, executive vice president, treasurer, secretary, four vice presidents, and the immediate past president, as well as additional “at-large” members. It is customary that after serving four consecutive years on the Executive Committee as a vice president, a director will ascend to the office of secretary in the fifth year, treasurer in the sixth year, executive vice president in the seventh year, and then president in the eighth year.

The five at-large members of the Executive Committee each serve two-year terms; elections are structured so that there is a combination of first and second year at-large representatives.

The Executive Committee represents the Tournament of Roses Association as its primary leader for numerous public relations activities, band visitations, sponsor relations, government relations, etc. The Executive Committee also ensures the progression of leadership development for the organization, staff and volunteer members.


Brad Ratliff - President

Lance Tibbet - Executive Vice President

Gerald Freeny - Treasurer

Laura Farber - Secretary

Mike Matthiessen - Past President

Robert Miller - Vice President

Amy Wainscott - Vice President

Alex Aghajanian - Vice President

Edward Morales - Vice President

Amy Garrity - At-Large

Karyn Grime - At-Large

Leo Cablayan - At-Large

Sonja Rojas - At-Large

Ron Rodriguez - At-Large


Executive Staff Leadership

William Flinn - Executive Director

Kevin Ash - Chief Administrative Officer, Rose Bowl Game

Jeff Allen - Chief Financial Officer

Ed Corey - Chief Operating Officer

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