The Royal Court



Each September, close to 1,000 young women vie for the honor of serving as a member of the Tournament of Roses Royal Court. Multiple rounds of interviews take place over the course of a month, with the Tournament’s Queen and Court Committee looking for those participants with the right combination of poise, personality, public speaking ability and scholastic achievement. Royal Court members become ambassadors of the Tournament, and selecting the right young women is an important task.

When that selection process concludes, the Royal Court will become part of a beloved legacy, reigning over the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Game. It is an honor to serve on the Royal Court, but a tremendous responsibility as well. Before riding their specially-designed float in the Rose Parade, the Royal Court members will attend well over 100 public and media functions, all while maintaining their school work and other extracurricular activities.

Eligibility Requirements

Royal Court FAQs

Rose Queens (PDF)



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