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Canadian Cowgirls Precision Riding Team

Marshal: Terry Jenkins

Marshal:  Terry Jenkins

Horses: Freedom , Splash, Ace, Amigo, Ranger, Grumpy, Rooster, Rebel, Tabu, Amy, General, Cruiser, Ringo, Sugar, BigShot, Poco, Thumper, Pilgrim

The presence of The Canadian Cowgirls and their horses at the most prestigious American event,The Tournament of Roses Parade demonstrates the value of the horse as an Ambassador between two great nations, reflecting the close relationship between The United States and Canada. Besides being “Show Biz” horses doing fast and daring maneuvers during their musical rides, all of the Canadian Cowgirl’s trustworthy horses double duty as therapy horses at the Acceptional Riders Therapeutic Riding program in Chatham Kent Ontario Canada. The horses “Accept” the riders regardless of their disabilities and serve over 150 children and adults. The horse’s legs become the riders legs, the horse’s spirit become the riders spirit and the horses grace and beauty become the Riders Grace and beauty.

The brave and beautiful horses on the team represent a variety of breeds including, The American Quarter horse, American Paint Horse, Arabians, Mustangs, Appaloosa and the good ole dependable backyard equine friend.

The Canadian Cowgirls of Chatham Kent Ontario Canada, bring a beautiful western presentation of enthusiastic greetings from Canada to Colorado Blvd.Leading the group is Team Captain and founder Terry Jenkins riding in her late fathers antique silver parade saddle on her Palomino Quarter horse Freedom followed by Canadian Cowgirls trick riders standing on horseback in a hippodrome stand. These women stand to honor families of the troops of both Canada and United States and to acknowledge that it isn’t just the service men and women who make the sacrifice for our freedom but the families who don’t have their Mommys or Daddy’s to tuck them in at night. They have been called Canada’s Jewels, western horsewomen, tied together by a common Bond,….- the love of family, ….country …and the horse..

The Canadian Cowgirls are celebrating their 10th anniversary. When the team formed, a "Bucket List" was created with 10 Dreams to make into a goal. Every single one of the list has been achieved and no their long time goal to appear in the Tournament of Roses parade is the Dream on that list to be realized.

Spectacular red, white and silver glittering costumes and white leather fringed chaps which are emblazoned with Canada’s symbol of freedom, the Maple Leaf. The Fans of the Canadian Cowgirls purchased the flowers seen on the Cowgirls hats and on their horses as part of the fundraising effort to raise the almost $90,000 it took to outfit and transport the Cowgirls and their horses 3,800 miles from Canada to California for the honor to represent Canada at The Tournament of Roses Parade.

Rodeo Bling is a standard for this team. they love glitter, sparkle and shine.Bridles and breast collars and hip drops are custom made of a metallic leather to achieve the wow affect in the arena the spotlight loves. Tooled Western saddles

The Canadian Cowgirls are International award winners at parades across North America including The Calgary Stampede, Kentucky Derby Parade and The Indy 500 Parade. This team performed for Prince Charles and the Duchess Camilla,, escorted the Olympic Torch, and been featured in a moral-boosting documentary for the Canadian Armed Forces.

Besides parades, the Canadian Cowgirls' Presicion Drill performances are a favorite at Equine Exhibitions wherever they go.

These ladies do not only ride for themselves but have a love of riding they want to share with others. The Canadian Cowgirls have designated the Acceptional Riders Therapeutic Riding program as their charity of choice and devote many volunteer hours and the use of their horses to give a leg up to riders with special needs. The Canadian Cowgirls take great pride in their documentary filmed by the Canadian Armed Forces to boost morale to service men and women overseas. During their performances they always play tribute to the troops and expecially the families of service men and Women. Hold onto your hats, and tighten your saddles, The Canadian Cowgirls are stampeding your Way Yahoo!

The incredible teamwork it takes to achieve this journey and the logistics of hauling 18 horses across the country has been a wonderful learning experience for everyone. Many small goals had to be met to succeed in obtaining the goal. Each of the Cowgirls grew as individuals and pushed their limits and came to know that all you have to do support each other see "Oh The Places You'll Go"

RIDERS: Terry Jenkins, Joy Henning, Marcy Trumble, Taylor Chauvin, Ashley Tomaszewski, Brenda Foster, Cathy McKeever, Charlene Zuruna, Chelsea Wardell, Shanna Sinden, Denise Thibert, Devin Cammaert, Dorothy Letarte, Jackie Bray, Natasha Bechard, Nicole Harden, Patricia Easton, Shanna Rabideau. Support Crew: Barb Lalonde, Beth Lucan, Kay Moore, Virginia Candele

The Amazing Canadian Cowgirls are an elite precision Drill team who spend long hours in the cold climate of Canada, perfecting time, spacing and precision. The team makes over 100 appearances annually in both the Professional Rodeo Arena, Fairs and Equine Festivals across North America. The team is proud of their act with Disabled children called “The Pony Man” to showcase the “abilities” of these wonderful specific needs riders. This act is always a crowd favorite with standing ovations whenever they perform. Local children from a therapeutic program near the venue the Canadian Cowgirls are appearing are recruited to appear in the show to raise awareness of the value of the horse to this population. “ Make your dream your Goal and it will come True” is the motto of the Canadian Cowgirls. Put the hard work, dedication, and passion into your dream and the next thing you know... you could be riding in the Tournament of Roses Parade!

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