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Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Marshal: Doug Murphey

Marshal:  Doug Murphey

The horses names are Chico, Fritzie, Candy, Moon, Rudy, Babe, Ranger, Sterling and Libby. The hitch consists of both quarter horses and mustangs.

The horses in the Wells Fargo hitch are trained to be a part of a mullti horse hitch where teamwork is important.

Wells Fargo's heritage goes back in time to the birth of California statehood. Wells Fargo opened its first Pasadena office in April 1885 on Fair Oaks Ave., Preserving its legacy of depandable stagecoach drivers, quick-thinking messengers and brightly-painted Concord Stagecoaches drawn by matched horses.

Wells Fargo stagecoach staff wear clothing that would have been typical for the mid to late 19th century type fabrics, patterns and styles.

In the 1800's, Wells Fargo purchased stagecoaches from the Abbott-Downing Co. of Concord, New Hampshire. Wells Fargo's collection of original stagecoaches are now on display in its museums throughout the country and quality replicas are now used in out Appearance Program.

Wells Fargo's stagecoaches make hundreds of appearances each year in locations large and small across the country. Some of the most notable parades include the Kentucky Derby, Indianapolis 500, Hollywood Christmas, Seattle Seafare, Portland Rose Parade, Minneapolis Aquatennial and Fiesta Bowl Parades.

Lemon and Orange groves gave way to residences and businesses as the population in Pasadena swelled from 301 in 1880 to 4,882 in 1890. Agent Charles Sawtelle opened Pasadena's first Wells Fargo Express office on April 1, 1885, on Fair Oaks Ave. From the beginning in 1852, Wells Fargo and Co. reached out with banking and express services. It began with the pioneer nimers of gold rush California exchanging gold dust for coin and providing basic finanicial and express services.

RIDERS: Doug Murphey (marshall) and George Lane -coach #1. Justin and Charlene Lane - coach # 2 Outriders, Maurice Howard and Sue Hooyerink. Outwalkers, Sam Trejo, Chris and Jacqueline Cloutier.

The Stagecoaches are presented by the staff from Wells Fargo's Stagecoach Appearance Program. George, Charlene and Justin Lane are from Lancaster, CA and have been with Wells Fargo since 1990. Doug Murphey, since 1964.

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