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Spirit of the West Riders

Marshal: Phil Spangenberger

Marshal:  Phil Spangenberger

Searcher--AQHA quarter horse , dark buckskin color Kaitlin--quarter horse, chestnut color Scout--AQHA quarter horse--liver chestnut color Little Texas--AQHA quarter horse, chestnut color Tucson--quarter horse, chestnut color Patches--APHA (American Paint Horse Assoc.) black and white paint color Jerry--quarter horse, grey color Saber--Missouri Foxtrotter--grey color Paladin--AQHA quarter horse, black in color Legend--APHA paint horse, light brown/white paint horse

Most of them are mounted shooting horses and several have been used in films and TV shows such as the History Channel and other documentary programs. Some are specially trained trick horses used in films and Wild West shows.

The Spirit of the West Riders is a historical group devoted to recreating the look of the Old West from the era of the 1840s through around 1920. /shunning the Hollywood movie look, the Spirit of the West Riders all carefully research their own outfits and equipment to match the era and the type of Western equestrian they are representing, from working cowboys to U.S. Cavalry soldiers, to sidesaddle women to Wild West showmen and old-time mountain men and Spanish vaqueros, every detail is authentic down to the last button!

The group has been riding as a unit in the Rose Parade since 1992 (was not in in 2010) and 2013 marks their 21st appearance.

All clothing and personal gear is carefully researched to match the era of the type of person (cowboy, cowgirl, cavalryman, mountain man, etc.)represented by each individual rider. For example, an 1880s cowboy will dress in the fashion of that era, while an 1890s cowboy will look slightly different as fashion dictated for the '90s period. sixguns, spurs, hats, every detail is matched to the proper era for each rider. The Spirit of the West Riders offer a museum-quality historical look at the genuine Old West, rather than a movie or TV simulation of the celluloid West.

Each saddle matches the time period and occupation that the rider represents. A cavalryman of the 1860s will be riding a Model 1859 McClellan cavalry saddle, while an 1880s cowboy will be in an 1880s-style Great Plains cowboy stock saddle and the Wild West cowgirl will be riding a Victorian-era sidesaddle. Headstalls and bits correspond to the time period and occupation shown as well. Every piece of equipment is carefully researched and acquired for use.

We do a number of charity shows on behalf of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, and several of our riders are professional horsemen and performers. We do not normally do other parades.

We performed at the recent (June/July) Santa Clarita Valley Wild West Days event in Newhall, and at the May 5th Fiesta of the Spanish Horse at the L.S. Equestrian Center.

RIDERS: Phil Spangenberger--Leona Valley, CA Linda Spangenberger--Leona Valley, CA Larry Brady--Sherman Oaks, CA Brent Hudspeth--Porterville, CA Dave Houghland--Pinon Hills, CA Doug Larner--Arcadia, CA Wendy Bailey--Little Rock, CA Christy Lewis--Agua Dulce, CA Randy Kramer--Bakersfield, CA Greg Worley--Nuevo, CA Sam Gross--Newbury Park, CA Rand Brooks--Reseda, CA Joe Whitely--Palmdale, CA Beverly Whitely--Palmdale, CA Poppy Behrens--Surprise, AZ J.T. Rockwell--Acton, CA

Marshal Phil Spangenberger is a columnist for True West magazine, and a Hollywood gun coach who has taught fancy gun handling to such stars as Mel Gibson, Charlton Heston, Will Smith, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, Rob Lowe and several others. He's a world traveled Wild West show performer and is often seen on the History Channel and other documentary programs. Linda Spangenberger (Phil's wife) is a Licensed Vocational Nurse and an accomplished horsewoman who rides and shoots wit husband Phil in a Western horseback sharpshooting act. She's also a 4-time Women's World Champion "Cowboy Mounted Shooter." Larry Brady is an accomplished horseman who has been seen on the History Channel, and has ridden in films like "Army of Darkness." He is a Pasadena-based Insurance agent for State Farm Insurance. Brent Hudspeth is a commercial and a fine artist who has created artwork for numerous motion picture posters. He's also been seen on the History Channel and Discovery Channel and has been the subject of several ads with a Western theme. Christy Lewis is a third generation trick roper and mother of four children.

She and her husband Jay own and operate Lewis Events, a special event coordination company where they plan and run themed parties, conventions and other unique events. Joe Whitely and wife Beverly are accomplished equestrians in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Joe is one of the pioneers who helped start the mounted shooting sport in southern California. Professionally, Joe works on the space station project and has been a vital player in that endeavor for many years. J.T. Rockwell owns "Hollywood Trick Horses," and supplies specially trained horses for motion pictures and television. His horses have been seen in such films as "Thor," "Dances With Wolves,' and the "Star Wars" series. He also has worked as an actor, special effects and stunt man on such films as "Last of the Mohicans," TNT's "Conagher," "Unforgiven" and "Die Hard 4." to name a few of his hundreds of films.

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