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SD Farm

Marshal: Wylleen May

Marshal:  Wylleen May

About the Gypsy Cob:

It is a breed born of purpose fueled by necessity. The Traveler family needed a kind, willing and dependable horse to pull their wagon, a simple utilitarian wagon that provided shelter for the family as they traveled from place to place. This hardy dependable horse was never idle. When the family was camped, the stallion was put to work to help the family earn their living. At night, if he was lucky, he would be put out to pasture with the broodmares, if not he was put on his tether and left to graze. His tether was an ingenious invention; the chain was hooked to an ibolt that rotated so he could graze in a complete circle. The next night the chain was moved and he had a whole new circle to graze. Function dictated form. The proper shoulder set was critical since the horse would frequently have to pull the wagon 
or dray 20 – 40 miles per day. The neck should tie in well at the shoulder and the withers. A properly bred Gypsy should have a short back and good bone with
 nice flat joints. A Gypsy Mare may have a slightly longer back to accommodate the foal during pregnancy. The chest is broad with well sprung ribs. A properly bred Gypsy Horse should never have a coarse head but instead should have a “sweet head” in proportion to the body. A Gypsy Cob should have an “apple butt” with a tail set that is not too low.

SD Farm, located in Acton, CA and Wantage, England is owned by Wylleen May and Stevie Down and is dedicated to breeding traditional Gypsy Cobs. Owner Stevie Down, a true Romani Gypsy, has embraced a family tradition that spans 200 years to breed these magnificent Gypsy Horses. Bred to work and gifted with a kind and willing nature, this is a very versatile and easy to handle horse.

SD Farm is committed to preserving the traditional Gypsy Cob as envisioned by Down’s forebears; nurtured by over 200 years of selective breeding and realized in the SD herd created by Stevie. This illustrious herd is unparalleled in the Gypsy Horse community. SD bred Gypsy Cobs have a consistent and distinctive look. There is no other breeder that can make that claim. You can spot an SD horse from a mile away.

Traditional Western and English attire with a black and white color scheme.

Custom-made Western Saddles designed by Dale Chavez

Ruari will be pulling a traditional Antique Gypsy Flat Cart, a family heirloom preserved for 100 years.

Maile Baird is riding SD Jim (English saddle)
Shay Yuval is riding Callahan (English saddle)
Katie Kramer is riding SD Jack (Western saddle)
Daphne Avalon is riding SD Flash William (Western saddle)

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