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ONDAR and the Eagles of Tuva

Marshal: ONDAR

Marshal:  ONDAR Link to Audio

Tuvan throat-singer ONDAR, flanked by champion wrestlers Seden-Ochur and Eres Kara-Sal, the Eagles of Tuva, ONDAR is dressed as a great khan, a ruler over the local tribes of Tuva. The Eagles of Tuva are sporting traditional Tuvan wrestling outfits.

ONDAR and the Eagles of Tuva come from the remote Siberian region of the Russian Federation once known as Tannu Tuva, a lost land rediscovered by Caltech's legendary physicist Richard Feynman and his friend Ralph Leighton, and chronicled in Leighton's book TUVA OR BUST!.

ONDAR is co-star of the Oscar-nominated feature documentary film GENGHIS BLUES, and has a CD to his name called "Back TUVA Future". He has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman.

The group was formed specially for this year's theme, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!", as Tuva is one of the most remote and exotic lands on earth. In an area of Siberia the size of North Dakota are not just sheep, goats, and cattle, but also camels, yaks, and reindeer -- all of them herded by cowboys who can routinely sing two notes at once. ONDAR is riding a quarter horse in the parade; the saddle is Western, while the bridle is Tuvan. The stirrups are inventions that came to us from the Turkic tribes that are ancestors of todays Tuvans.

There are photos in the gallery of Ondar and the Eagles of Tuva receiving a shaman's blessing for their long journey from the Centre of Asia to California. The monument marks the center of Asia in Kyzyl, Tuva a Siberian republic in the Russian Federian. When these photos were taken, the temperature was -38 degrees.

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