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Jackson Fork Ranch Percherons

Marshal: Jonathan M. Harding

Marshal:  Jonathan M. Harding

The hitch is made up of registered black Percheron Mares. This hitch is the combination of the best of the best from Jackson Fork Ranch and Windermere Farms. M-C Foley's Valentine Rolling Acres Misty Wild Rose Lila's Lilly Windermere's Diedra Windermere's Desire Windermere's Markie Maid

The Percheron breed originated in France and was brought to the US in the post Civil War period to rebuild the Country. Our Breed Registry is the oldest of the Draft Breeds as it started in 1876. Percherons were originally called the Norman Horse as they came from Normandy France.

GROUP DESCRIPTION: Under the vision of Joe Ricketts, the Jackson Fork Ranch Percherons while a relatively young program has quickly made a mark on the breed. He has brought together excellent Percheron mares with outstanding training and a commitment to pair with only the best North American stallions. The success of the program and the accolades from the industry's leaders is its own testament

The harness for the Percherons was hand crafted by Shannahan Harness of Ohio with Patent leather and custom made hardware especially for JFR.

The wagon custom made for Jackson Fork Ranch by Hanson Wagon Works of South Dalota with an Aubergine custom color paint never before used and made only for Jackson Fork Ranch. These wagons were the original delivery trucks built America.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For 2012, Jackson Fork Ranch has consistently the North America Classic Series culminating with participation in the Classic Series final at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Video Links:

- Windermere Farms / Jackson Fork Ranch 6 Horse Hitch

- World Percheron Supreme Champion

Jackson Fork Ranch has won two recent World Champion titles with their six horse hitch of mares. These Jackson Fork Ranch mares are matched with the Windermere Farms Mares that won the last three consecutive World Champion team titles and also won the last four World Champion Percherons.

RIDERS: Gerald Allebach - Captain/driver Melissa DeLoof - Handler Chris Cottrell - Handler Gerald Allebach and Melissa DeLoof are the principals of Windermere Farms of Spring Hills PA. Windermere Farms is a three generation family operation that has been breeding the best Percheron stallions and mares for over 40 years.

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