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Hermanos Banuelos Charro Team

Marshal: Ramon Banuelos

Marshal:  Ramon Banuelos

La Canela / brown roan / AQHA Doc Jarik / buckskin / AQHA Llavero / black / Azteca Red Bird / sorrel / AQHA Jilote / sorrel / AQHA Porcupine / bay / Azteca Hidalgo / paint / AQHA Blue Hayes / blue roan / AQHA Diamanté / gray / Andalusian

All horses are owned and trained by each rider. Every horse is unique in color and also specially trained for horse tricks, rope tricks, and competition.

The American Quarter Horse AQHA is known for it's short stocky and well built body. It is known for it's ability to run for short distances at very fast speeds. The breed is also known for being the greatest cattle horse as well as the most common in American and Mexican professional Rodeo.

GROUP DESCRIPTION: The team is composed of brothers, first cousins and some close friends that are profesional Mexican charros and rope trickers. The group perfom horse and rope tricks in shows and also compete in professional charreria.

The Banuelos Charro Team was founded in 1995 by the Banuelos brothers and friends. The group has attended several community events throughout the years were horse and rope tricks are performed by the riders. The Banuelos Charro Team participates in several parades throughout Southern California and also several tournament of Roses Parades

The costumes used are 100% hand made either in Mexico and also in the USA. It consists of embroidered slack style pants and long sleve shirts. The hat is a typical charro sombrero made out of authentic rabbit fur and it is decorated with different colored paterns. Each rider wears authentic raw hide chaps and boots.

The saddles used by the riders were hand crafted in Zacatecas Mexico. The fuste of the saddle is made out of mesquite wood wraped in goat skin for both physical appearence and to provide strength to the saddle. The fuste has a large horn that is mainly designed for roping cattle. The leather is authentic raw hide decorated with patterns and stainless steel buttons.


Hollywood Parade East Los Angeles Parade Highland Park Parade City of Ontario Parade

The Banuelos Charro Team enjoys participating in community events where horses can be exposed to children as well as adults. Helping others experience horses firsthand and getting an opportunity to ride one.

RIDERS: Ramon Banuelos Heriberto Banuelos Sergio Banuelos Oscar Banuelos Demetrio Banuelos Salvador Banuelos Javier Banuelos Gilberto Banuelos Antonio Jimenez Antonio Ruiz Pedro Huerta Ramiro Sierra All riders originate from Zacatecas Mexico Each rider of the group owns his own horse and has trained his own horse for years to prepare for parades, shows, and competitions.

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