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Anaheim Police Department Mounted Enforcement Unit

Marshal: Lt. Steve Davis

Marshal:  Lt. Steve Davis


All Anaheim Police Department Mounted horses are certified and P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) approved through the State of California. The Unit is also certified as a level 3 Search and Rescue Mounted Unit, making it one of a limited number of armed mounted units.

Most Anaheim horses are Quarterhorse due to their agility, size and temperament. The Quarterhorse is synonymous with Western Style riding and is often affiliated with the early days of law enforcement from horseback.

The Anaheim Police Department formally organized its Mounted Enforcement Unit in the spring of 1995 with the support of Chief Randall Gaston. The Unit’s presence quickly became noticed by the inhabitants of the City’s largest parks where day-to-day criminal activity was quickly minimized. As the horses’ popularity grew, so did the scope of their duties. Target neighborhoods started to see the horses patrolling their streets and alleys, performing enforcement activities as well as community relation activities.

The Unit wears standard police uniform shirts with black jean style pants in order to be quickly identified as law enforcement. Riders wear a black cowboy hat, cowboy boots, spurs and a standard duty belt during deployment. They also wear the cross sabers over their left chest to signify their assignment within the specialized detail of the Mounted Enforcement Unit.

The Unit rides with standard Western Style saddles, typically made of brown leather with minimal decoration. The horses have custom halters with their names on the side and “Anaheim Police” over the noseband. Each horse also wears a breast collar and saddle pad which has “Anaheim Police” embroidered on them for easy identification.

The Unit attended and participated in the California Peace Officers Memorial in Sacramento and Orange County. The Unit has also participated in the Presidential Inauguration Parade in Washington DC. The Unit participated in the World Series at Angel Stadium, the Stanley Cup at the Honda Center, the All-star Game at Angel Stadium and the following celebratory parades when each of those trophies were won.

The Anaheim Police Department Mounted Enforcement Unit recently competed and received the coveted “Chief’s Trophy” for overall performance and first place in the California Mounted Officers Association Competition.

The Unit rides every year in the Anaheim Fall Festival, Flag Day parades, Fourth of July parades, Halloween parades and Cultural History parades, among other parades throughout the county.

The Unit works closely with the Anaheim Police Department “Cops for Kids” program and the Salvation Army Toy Drive in Anaheim

RIDERS: John Welter, Chief of Police Raul Quezada, Deputy Chief of Police Jarret Young, Special Tactics Captain Lt. Steve Davis, Mounted Unit Commander Sgt. Kasey Geary, Mounted Unit Sergeant Sgt. Chris Pena, Mounted Unit Sergeant Officer Brian Carrion, Team Leader Officer Michael Lee Sgt. Rich Raulston Officer LadyCarla Palomino Officer Richard Olmedo Officer Eric Anderson Officer Rodney Duckwitz Officer Paul Christy Officer Mike Reichmann Officer Long Cao All riders are full time law enforcement officers with the City of Anaheim.

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