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Aguiluchos Marching Band

Puebla - Mexico

Puebla - Mexico

UNIFORMS: The band uniform consists of the traditional “Mexican Charro” costume, known for is brightly colored fabrics.

BAND DESCRIPTION: 250 Band members including 10 leaders, 93 brass, 1 flag bearers, 34 percussion, 10 dancers, 73 woodwinds, 4 banner carriers, 20 color guards.

The Aguiluchos Marching Band from Puebla, México is the First Marching Band in Mexico, at present with 220 band members. The name of the band, “Aguiluchos”, was taken in memory of six young military cadets who died fighting against the U.S.A. Army on September 13, 1847 in the battle of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. The cadets were not eagles of the Mexican Army; they were Eaglets (Aguiluchos).

Aguiluchos play Regional Mexican Music with marching band style and many other musical genres. The school called C.E.N.H.CH. is the abbreviation for “Centro Escolar Niños Heroes de Chapultepec”, one of the most important schools in Mexico. It is one of the biggest in Puebla, founded in 1957 by the Puebla Government and Mary Street Jenkins Foundation. It was called Centro Escolar because it is an integrated complex which goes from Kindergarden to Elementary school to High school.

In 2004, The Aguiluchos Marching Band was granted the honor of being the first Mexican Marching Band to perform in the Tournament of Roses Parade. During the California Tour in April 2005, the Aguiluchos Marching Band performed in several cities such as Downey, performed in the opening of Casa Puebla (Puebla´s House) in Los Angeles and in Lynwood performing in the Plaza México (México’s Square) during the Cinco de Mayo celebrations unveiling the Independence Angel monument together with the Mexican community in USA. October 2006, the Aguiluchos Marching Band toured Japan, visiting Tokyo and Osaka, participating principally in the “THE MIDOSUJI PARADE” Nakanoshima Riverside Festival and International Marching Band Festival where they received a important recognition among Japanese bands. In November 2006, the Aguiluchos Marching Band won the Puebla´s State Marching Band Contest in its 2nd edition.

February 2008, the Aguiluchos Marching Band toured GERMANY, playing our Regional Mexican music in BREMERHAVEN, DORTMUND, DUSSELDORF, EMDEN, FLENGSBURG, GOTTINGEN, KIEL. They visited Paris and Hamburg and were recognized as “Show Band” in “INTERNATIONALE MUSIK PARADE”. In December 2009, the Aguiluchos Marching Band performed in Orlando Florida at “The Orlando Citrus Parade” and the kick-off celebration for the Capital One Bowl Game and “Macy´s Holiday Parade” in Universal Studios. June 2010, they won First Place in the Marching Band Championship (Puebla – Mexico) and performed in the Switzerland “Basel Tattoo 2010” in June 2010.

This year, Sally M. Bixby as President for the 2012-2013 Tournament of Roses Parade® visited the school, “C.E.N.H.CH.”, to formalize the invitation to participate in the 124th Rose Parade, themed "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" on January 1, 2013.

Throughout the Band’s history, they have achieved a great prestige in Puebla and have won the traditional “May 5th Parade” contest as the Best Marching Band in Mexico for the last 10 consecutive years.

The band has traveled throughout the Mexican Republic and performed in the best parades, carnivals, patriotic celebrations, Christmas time, Performances in Stadiums and Bull Fight Rings, Auditoriums, as well as Half time performances during the Mexican Soccer League matches, and Mexican Baseball League pre-game presentations. The Band performed in the Opening Ceremony of the National Olympic Games in Cancun Quintana Roo. The first appearance of the band in the United States was in 1989 in Chicago and years later the band performed in, California, Houston, Brownsville, Mc Allen, Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York, Washington and Charlotte.

PERSONNEL: Amilcar Mendoza Toledo, director; Juan Carlos Cuazitl Paleta, assistant director; Juan Carlos Cuazitl Paleta (Percussion), Marcia Denise Raygoza del Razo (Woodwinds), José Paulino Rosas Malpica López (Woodwinds), Jesús Trejo Fuentes Franco (Drills & Design), Juan Pablo Figueroa Fuentes (Drills), Gary Anzures (Brass) and Abraham Parra (Keyboards), unit leaders.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Juan Carlos Cuazitl Paleta – Percussion Instructor; Marcia Denise Raygoza del Razo – Woodwinds Instructor; José Paulino Rosas Malpica López - Woodwinds Instructor; Jesús Trejo Fuentes Franco – Drills Instructor & Design; Juan Pablo Figueroa Fuentes – Drills Intrsuctor; Guillermo Gary Anzures Brito – Brass Instructor; Abraham Parra Arámburo – Keyboards Instructor; Ricardo Muñoz Castillo – Brass Section Leader; Guillermo Labastida Guerrero – Woodwinds Section Leader; Jose Antonio Tapia Tapia – Percussion Section Leader.

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