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Classic Tractor Fever!

Tournament Special Trophy

Classic Tractor Fever! Link to Video

The collecting of vintage farm tractors has become a phenomenon that has swept rural America, and the rural world, over the last decade. Many collectors become so possessed and involved that they spend hundreds of hours restoring one of these machines and then travel great distances several times each year just to attend a gathering of tractor owners who share their passion for this hobby. Those who get “bitten by the bug” from their classic tractor, defined as a machine that is 30-years-or-older, proudly proclaim that they have “Classic Tractor Fever”.

RFD-TV recently set the Guinness World Record For A Parade Of Classic Tractors when 964 owners from 31 different states traveled to Grand Island, Nebraska to be a part of this attempt on August 25th. Certainly when these tractors were first manufactured there could be no expectation that the machine would take their owner anywhere but around their respective field. Not only did these classic tractors revolutionize food production throughout the world, but they now give their drivers new “places to go” taking them around the country to meet new friends and share wonderful experiences.

Classic Tractor Fever was the common bond that brought 964 owners/drivers together at the Nebraska State Fair. The 31 actual classic tractors that follow the RFD-TV float represent the 31 different states that covered thousands of miles to send tractors to Nebraska to break the Guinness World Record. The theme, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” was so evident at this event, as each driver had story after story of where their classic tractor had taken them in recent years, instead of rusting in the orchard. Although the Guinness world record was set simply by going around a race track several times, it was the common goal of breaking the record, and the sacrifice everyone made to contribute, that took us all to a place that one could only dream.

FLOAT BUILDER: Phoenix Decorating Company

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 24, Width: 18, Length: 83

"Classic Tractor Fever!" is an ode to RFD-TV setting the Guinness World Record for a parade of classic trailers. The record was set at the Nebraska State Fair with 964 tractors this past August. The float is an over-sized 25-foot long tractor that stands 16 feet tall. The tractor is hauling a field of wheat that features a stage with a windmill. A 24 foot-tall wheat stock, adorned with stars and lined with corn. Flanking that trailer is a 30-foot long, 17-foot high beauty of Stars and Stripes, the American flag.

Number of Years in Rose Parade: 5

The World's Largest Parade of Classic Tractors took place at the Nebraska State Fair on August 25th. RFD-TV actively participates in events that focus on rural America such as state fairs and agricultural trade shows and festivals.

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Supported by over 140 independent program producers, the networks are uplinked from studios located in Nashville, TN, with corporate offices based in Omaha, NE. News bureaus in Washington DC, Chicago, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, contribute to over 6 hours of news, weather, and markets now being produced daily for the channels and the company’s interactive web sites. RFD-TV The Magazine recently passed the 200,000 subscriber milestone, while RFD-TV The Theatre continues to draw new audiences for original productions in Branson, MO. Rural Media Group, Inc. is also the largest distributor of rural-themed programming throughout the world.

INNOVATION: The tractor that pulls the float, is not an actual tractor. It is a custom built chassis that was built on site at Phoenix Decorating Company. The rear tires stand 10 feet tall and the 25-foot long chassis will roll for the first time in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade.

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