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Trader Joes
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Recipe for Adventure!

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Recipe for Adventure!

We believe food and adventure are synonymous.

As such, our theme “Recipe for Adventure” was chosen to illustrate, oh, the places foods can take you.

Simply put, we think of our business as a “Recipe for Adventure.” Trader Joe’s is a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores and our buyers search the world over for great products, which leads to the creation of a shopping adventure in our stores. This discovery of great foods is just the beginning of the journey. Once our customers start eating and cooking with them, oh, the places they’ll go!

FLOAT BUILDER: Phoenix Decorating Company

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 28.6, Width: 18, Length: 55

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Number of Years in Rose Parade: 11

First opened in Pasadena in 1967, Trader Joe’s is a neighborhood grocery store, offering foods and beverages from the basic to the exotic. We carry more than 2,000 unique grocery items in the Trader Joe’s label, at prices everyone can afford. We work hard at buying things right: Our buyers travel the world searching for new items; we work with suppliers who make interesting products just for us; and we make special purchases throughout the year. Our store Crew Members take pride in creating a fun, adventurous shopping experience for our customers. Customers tell us, “I never knew food shopping could be so much fun!” We like to be part of our neighborhoods and get to know our customers. Where else do you shop that even the CEO, Dan Bane, wears a colorful Hawaiian shirt to work, and can be found at the stores helping customers to their cars with their groceries!

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