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The Love Float

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We chose to host a live wedding on the float because we wanted to do something as spectacular as the parade itself. Farmers Insurance provides coverage to its customers through many different life stages, from getting married, to buying a house, to having a baby and beyond. What better way to celebrate one of life’s big changes through the pomp and pageantry of this magical event, by uniting a couple in a joy filled ceremony.

The live wedding theme ties wonderfully to "Oh the Places You'll Go" because it's literally a couple going into the next step in their life. They are going to the most magical place of all. A place where they'll live happily ever after.

Farmers Insurance is fully dedicated to helping its customers stay protected no matter where their life is going. Whether you're getting married, having a baby, buying a house or just getting a new car, nobody has you covered like a Farmers agent.

FLOAT BUILDER: Phoenix Decorating Company

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 24, Width: 18, Length: 55

Farmer Insurance "The Love Float" will feature a live wedding. Of two participants who have been chosen in a nationwide contest. The float's centerpiece is a Fabregé egg. The egg is open to reveal the bride and groom who will stand over 25 feet in the air. The base of the egg is flanked with two angels. One playing a trumpet, the other a harp. The base of the float displays an elaborate floral accompaniment that extends outward.


Farmers Insurance is the “Official Supporter of Rose Parade Bands,” In communities across the country, local Farmers agents and employees help support their school’s band fund raising activities as they prepare for their trip to Pasadena.

Watch a Farmers Love Float decorating video

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