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Downey Rose Float Association

Dew Drop By

Dew Drop By

The Downey Rose Float Association Holds an open call for submissions for designs and then is voted on by Members of the Downey Rose Float.

Dew drop by relates to the theme by every person dream of visiting a fantasy land as a child

FLOAT BUILDER: Downey Rose Float

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 35", Width: 18", Length: 48'

The theme of Downey’s float is an English fairy garden. A visit to the Dew Drop By to see where the fairies live and play.

An enchanted English fairy Garden

FLOWERING: Thousands of roses around the base of the float as well as cascading roses and orchids off the sides of the tree and branches, well groomed grass as a base for the walk ways and paths which are surrounded by larger than life flowers Spanish moss, sheet moss and reindeer moss as accents around the tree and ponds.

roses 10000 orchid stems 5000 anthurium 1500 Carnations 500 Boston ferns 100

All Builders and Decorators are volunteers

ANIMATION: moving butterflies and water effects

FLOAT RIDERS: Miss Downey: Nicole Nelson 17 and her Royal Court Selena Gonzales 18 Christine Gonzalez 18 Jessica Shaffer 16 N/A

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