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City of Torrance/ACE Clearwater
Fiesta Parade Floats

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

“Follow Your Dreams” depicts the inception of young people’s hopes and dreams for their future from a source of imaginary visions. The City of Torrance, with its diverse residents and flourishing businesses, firmly believe that education is the key in helping people realize their personal goals for the future and to attain their dreams.

The City of Torrance challenges future generations to “Follow Your Dreams” and to imagine the possibilities in reaching achievable goals through reading and education to accomplish an optimistic future.

“Follow Your Dreams” represents the commitment of the City of Torrance to health, education, community service and personal achievements through working together as a community and providing a better place for its citizens to live, work and play. Regardless of being a new or life-long resident, one of the over 200,000 employees commuting to businesses within the city of Torrance each work day or a welcomed visitor of this exciting community, Torrance has something to offer and share with everyone. Torrance’s unique “hometown” spirit and community pride continue to thrive because of continuing traditions like the Rose Parade. Community activities instill a sense of pride because they are carried out by thousands of enthusiastic volunteers.

FLOAT BUILDER: Fiesta Parade Floats

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 24 Feet, Width: 18 Feet, Length: 35 Feet

Dreams through the eyes of children are filled with wonder, excitement and imagination. Youth is a magical time --- a time when dreams are reality and the door to the world of learning, education and adventure are wide open and all are attainable. The 59th annual City of Torrance Rose Parade float portrays dreams coming to life through better education. And when you believe and achieve, dreams can—and do—come true. Amid fanciful gardens and stacks of books, a young girl reads to her friend resting in a swinging hammock. As their imaginations drift into vivid images of wondrous and flamboyant adventures their dreams of the future unfold in 3-dimensional forms emerging from giant floral clouds. The aspirations of their future come to life against a backdrop of brilliant stars, clouds and a colorful rainbow. Featured throughout the float are various professions that children worldwide dream of successfully becoming when they grow up and enter the fields of aerospace, medical science, community and civic services.

Many children dream of becoming an astronaut, doctor, firefighter, racecar driver, world-traveler and even a jet pilot! These achievements can and do come true by following their dreams and by working hard to get a good education.

FLOWERING: The children are dressed in an array of colors and textures using strawflower petals, carnations, sinuata statice, parsley, marigold petals, lentil and onion seed. Skin tones are achieved with a mixture of walnut shells, cinnamon, paprika and cornmeal. Hair is golden flax and nyjer seed. The base of the float features wisps of clouds in white coconut chips to create a dream-like setting. They float over lush gardens of orange and coral gerberas encompassed by a garden edging of Gold Strike yellow roses. The rocket ship and jet plane are artistically created in a combination of white sweet rice, silverleaf protea leaves, eucalyptus leaves, glossy lunaria, and black seaweed with accents of red carnation petals and blue sinuata statice. The microscope has been decorated in gray poppy seed, black onion seed and white sweet rice and the racecar in orange lentil seed The rainbow is created in red, orange and yellow roses, blue iris and a garland of green salal leaves. Books have pages of sesame seed and covers decorated in peach and orange lentil seed, brown flax, yellow and gold strawflower petals.

Lush gardens of over 5,000 orange and coral gerberas and Gold Strike yellow roses. The rainbow is created in 7,000 red, orange and yellow roses and blue iris.


ACE Clearwater Enterprises, founded in 1949 and based in Torrance, California, generously contributed to the Torrance Rose Float Association (a 501c3, non-profit organization) to pay for the cost of the Rose Parade float. No monies were paid by the City of Torrance. ACE Clearwater Enterprises, Inc. engages in building complex formed and welded assemblies for the aerospace and power generation industries.

While celebrating their 59th year in the Rose Parade, the City of Torrance and the Torrance Rose Float Association continues their tradition of community service by completely decorating their float with volunteers, mostly from Torrance and surrounding areas. The city is proud to have decorators between the ages of 13 to 80+ working side by side in a marvelous show of community camaraderie where new and old friendships grow. Its 18 member all-volunteer Board of Directors works year-round to keep Torrance represented in the Rose Parade.

ANIMATION: The hammock with the resting boy sways from side to side as CO2 blasts from the moving rocket ship. Dream-like music is played from an on-board sound system.

INNOVATION: Sophisticated hydraulic system enables the float to lower from 24 feet down to 16 feet in less than 45 seconds to travel under the freeway bridge and low wires on the parade route.

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