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City of San Gabriel Centennial
Paradiso Parade Floats

Celebrating Our Journey

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Celebrating Our Journey

The city of San Gabriel celebrates its centennial with a triumphant return to the Rose Parade® -- its first entry in 40 years. This design beautifully evokes the romance of early California that is woven into San Gabriel's heritage.

Situated on the historic Camino Real, San Gabriel has played an important role in many journeys over the decades. While this design honors the city's rich history, it also reflects on how San Gabriel has grown and will continue to grow in the years ahead.

The shady tree-lined boulevards of San Gabriel's mission district are home to Mission San Gabriel Arcángel and the San Gabriel Playhouse as well as many charming boutiques and fine restaurants. The area welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

FLOAT BUILDER: Paradiso Parade Floats

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 26 feet, Width: 18 feet, Length: 35 feet

The city of San Gabriel commemorates its one hundredth birthday with its first Rose Parade® float in 40 years. The entry depicts a vibrant harvest celebration and hearkens back to a time when wine production was a key industry of the San Gabriel mission. The elegant Spanish-style architecture of the city's iconic Grapevine Arbor frames the design while a pair of oxen draws a cart overflowing with grapes to the wine press. Baskets patterned after those of the Tongva native people cradle lush arrangements of produce and flowers.

The surrounding landscape blooms with fanciful flowering trees, citrus and agave while thousands of roses in sunset hues carpet the base of the float. Members of Folklor Pasión Mexicana de Los Angeles perform authentic folk dances alongside. While honoring San Gabriel’s rich history, the design also reflects on how the city has grown and will continue to grow in the years ahead.

FLOWERING: San Gabriel's centennial entry is a jewel box of a float, showcasing a dazzling array of flowers in fiery oranges, yellows and reds. An abundance of roses accented with a wide variety of orchids, strelitzia, protea and leucadendron bloom in the lush garden landscape. The design also incorporates fresh produce, including oranges, lemons, limes and -- most notably -- hundreds of pounds of grapes.

Fine layers of rolled oats, cinnamon, sesame seed and walnut shell suggest the aged texture of the Grapevine arbor. A virtually endless assortment of beans and seeds form the intricate patterns on the Tongva baskets. Each seed is precisely applied with tweezers to give the baskets their authentic look. Sundried sheet moss dusted with cinnamon creates the realistic fur of the oxen.


Number of Years in Rose Parade: 38

The city of San Gabriel sprang up around Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, founded by Father Junípero Serra in 1771. In 1852, San Gabriel became the original township of Los Angeles County, earning the nickname "birthplace of Los Angeles." However, the city was not officially incorporated until 1913. Today San Gabriel is home to a rich blend of Asian, Latino and European cultures.

San Gabriel sponsors the inaugural float created by Paradiso Parade Floats -- the Rose Parade's first new float builder in 18 years. San Gabriel's entry beautifully showcases Paradiso's exquisite floral design and painstaking attention to detail.

ANIMATION: The oxen nod their heads as the wheels of the cart turn.

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