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Banda El Salvador

El Salvador

El Salvador


BAND DESCRIPTION: 260 Band members including 12 leaders, 42 drum majors, 43 brass, 9 flag bearers, 42 percussion, 43 dancers, 20 woodwinds, 11 banner carriers, 8 color guards.

The band is accompanied by cheerleaders, folk dancers, and Mayan Princesses. All of the performers as well as the the band members have been putting much time and effort to give their best performance possible. The band took first place in San Carlos Costarica Festival and first place in Festival National de Bandas.

In 2008, the band participated in the Rose Parade for the first time. They were unable to raise money for the plane tickets and had to start their journey by land on Christmas day. They proudly represented the country of El Salvador in the parade, regardless of the problems they faced along the way. The band once again was asked to participate in the Rose Parade. They have been practicing all year long and working so hard, going out of their way to once again represent their country with all they have.

PERSONNEL: Carlos Folgar, director; Lily Moreno, assistant director.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The trip is being funded mostly by the 20 committees of Salvadorans in California, Merylan and Alberta, Canada. These committees have been carrying out various fund raising activities including food festivals, parties and other festivals to raise funds to sponsor the band. There is no support from the government so it is up to the students, parents, and the Salvadorian community in the United States to work together to meet the $400,000 goal needed to participate in the Rose Parade this year.

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