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Cal Poly Universities

Tuxedo Air

Bob Hope Humor Trophy

Tuxedo Air

The Cal Poly Universities (Pomona and San Luis Obispo) hold a concept contest annually in order to choose the theme of the float. This year, we had over 200 submissions from both campuses, local communities, as well as alumni and friends of the Cal Poly Rose Float program. After receiving all submissions, students work collaboratively to choose their favorite float that relates to the parade theme.

Our humorous group of penguins are creatively engineering a way for them to fly to new and unknown places.

We are all college students earning degrees that will take us to new places. Where we will go is purely up to us and our dreams.

FLOAT BUILDER: Cal Poly Universities

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 23', Width: 18', Length: 50'

“Tuxedo Air” features a humorous group of flightless Antarctic penguins teaching each other how to fly. Fasten your seat belts now! - Penguins Take Flight

FLOWERING: The 2013 Cal Poly Universities float will include a variety of fresh floral as well various different dry materials including both seeds, and dried flowers. Included in our fresh floral will be: Carnations, Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Lilies, Birds of Paradise, Mums, Belles of Ireland, Irises, Orchids, Lythianthus, Hanging Amaranthus, silver leaf eucalyptus, and silver dollar eucalyptus, among others that can be found in our floral arrangements. Our dry material will include: statice, bougainvillea, blended Bird of Paradise, Marigolds, coco husk, rice, poppy seed, lettuce seed, different types of bark, cotton, Niger seed, straw flower, paprika, dill weed, different types of beans, and different seed mixtures. Thousands of roses will be adorning the ramp in the middle of the float. Florally, this will be the main focus of the 2013 float. Red roses will be used to mark the chevrons indicating the direction in which the penguins are to fly. The chevrons will be outlined with fresh yellow roses. The rest of the ramp will be covered in white roses, to demonstrate the snow present in the penguin’s natural habitat. The wing apparatus will be applied with yellow strawflower to give it a vibrant color as well as a shiny effect, which is usually associated with a flight mechanism. The outside jets and turbine will be adorned with red carnations which will be petaled onto the surface to give it an outline to distinguish the different parts on the wing mechanism. Ivy leaves will adorn the propellers and turbine blades to give it a shiny but darker texture to it. The penguin itself will be decorated with black onion seed, blended white rice, and orange marigolds. The onion seed and rice will help depict the penguins short, water-proof feathers. Our classroom setting will include purple and orange gerbera daisies adorning the pod area, while the professor’s shirt will be decorated with purple and white statice, the students will be clothed with blue statice, and mocha cotton and magnolia leaves. The chalk board with be covered in parsley and white beans to represent the writing. The off-camera side of the float, will feature an area where the penguins are attempting new methods of flight. The fan will be decorated with silver leaf to give it a metallic look. The hanging tree branch will be comprised of redwood bark to make it look as natural as possible.

Tuxedo Air will have 6,000 roses. Of these about 4,500 will be featured together on the ramp in the middle of the float. The other roses will be used throughout the entire float in other elements, the titles, and floral arrangements. We will be using about 2,000 stems of white irises and 2,000 white mum blooms to demonstrate the snow on our ramp and throughout other areas of the float. We will use about 6,000 gerbera daisies to adorn this year’s float. All our penguins will be decorated with onion seed, coconut, and dried orange marigolds. We will use around 200 pounds of onion seed, 100 pounds of coconut, and 15 pounds of orange marigolds. We expect to use several hundred stems of carnations and/or lithianthus for petaling purposes.

We will incorporate fruit and vegetables in Tuxedo Air. This will be done through the use of dried carrots, and citrus fruits. Unique to Cal Poly is the use of blue statice, as it is a rare commodity to find. The Cal Poly students grew the statice on their campuses in their own flower fields.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Number of Years in Rose Parade: 65

Cal Poly Pomona 3801 West Temple Avenue Pomona, California 91768 909-869-7659 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California 93407 805-756-1111

The Cal Poly Universities Rose Float is the only float in the parade that is 100% led by student volunteers every single year. This entry marks Cal Poly's 65th consecutive entry. Each year, students from the Pomona and San Luis Obispo campuses (250 miles apart) design, build, engineer, finance, and decorate their own volunteer entry. The two halves from each campuses are joined together in October as one float for completion of the entry. A multidisciplinary project, the Rose Float Program features a challenging and fascinating learning experience that is the hallmark of Cal Poly's learn by doing curriculum.

ANIMATION: “Tuxedo Air” features a humorous group of flightless Antarctic penguins teaching each other how to fly. An educational flight school featuring the principles of flight, as well as creative mechanisms were engineered by the penguins, giving them the possibility of flying to new places. Fasten your seat belts now!

INNOVATION: The animation on this year’s float includes an eye-catching “running lights” effect, which emulates the real guide lights of an actual runway. Along each edge of the Launch Ramp, small rotating elements give the appearance of an active runway lighting system. These small details capture the suspense of an ‘all systems are go’ scene. Each light will be individually controlled, allowing our animation operator to create complex patterns that will be constantly changing along the parade route.

FLOAT RIDERS: Driver: Derek Sorenson – 4th Year Cal Poly Pomona Electrical Engineering Major and 2013 Rose Float Construction Chair Observer: Joe Marcinkowski - 4th Year Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Mechanical Engineering Major and 2013 Rose Float Construction Chair Animation Operator: Brandon Bussjaeger – 2nd Year Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Engineering Major… Drive Engine Operator: Michael Blumenthal – 4th Year Cal Poly Pomona Engineering Major… Each of the above operators is a Cal Poly student who has worked on the Cal Poly float for multiple years and contributed significantly to the float design and construction.

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