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City of Burbank/Burbank Tournament of Roses Association

Deep Sea Adventures

Fantasy Trophy

Deep Sea Adventures

The Burbank Tournament of Roses Association holds an annual world-wide open design contest. Submitted designs from all over the states are screened for theme, build ability and decorating possibilities. Members then vote on which design to build at a special meeting.

Our young lady is going on a great adventure discovering the great secrets of the sea.

It was picked by our entire Association as the best idea to express the Parade Theme, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

FLOAT BUILDER: Burbank Tournament of Roses Association

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 22 feet, Width: 20 feet, Length: 50 feet

Watch a Float Building Video Message

An adventurous young girl takes a magical journey in her colorful submarine. Oh, the places she will go, with the help of her underwater friends. Her tour will not be complete until she sees all the many wonders of the marine world. This is Burbank’s 81st entry for the 124th Tournament of Roses parade. The float is designed by Richard Burrow from Mission Viejo who won the associations’ annual float design contest.

A young girl maneuvers a submarine, pulled by sea horses in an underwater adventure with an octopus as her tour guide.

FLOWERING: Our Deco Team has been working diligently to find exciting organic materials to use on our float that may have not been used before. We look for color and textures that will bring our float to life.

The undersea tour guide (octopus) is covered with over 30,000 lavender cushion mums, his suction cups are Portobello Mushrooms and Lotus Pods. The brightly colored submarine is covered with Strawflower, roses, mums and lentil. Our young girl is exploring all the places she can go in her hot pink Bougainvillea blouse, white rice captain's hat with strawflower accents and golden uva grass hair. She is holding tight to her adventure with raffia rope reigns. The seahorses are covered with over 2,000 purple and green cushion mums, purple statice, blue Malva, Parsley Flakes & black Asian moss.

The treasure chest is covered with Melaleucca bark, Ti Leaves and the lobster is dressed in flowers from the Australian Flame Tree. Our friendly blow fish is covered in Scabiosa pods with Sago Palm Spikes. The City of Burbank clam is covered with Esperanza roses and pink ravel roses. The turtle family is covered with Shiitake mushrooms and Jacaranda pods, lentil, split peas & walnut shells. Our happy sand castle & builders, on the back of the float, are covered with Annatto Powder, Quinoa, Farina, rose petals, Lavender and Flax Seed. The coral bottom of the sea is covered with approx. 16,000 roses in a variety of colors, seaweed, crape myrtle, and artichoke flowers.

Our float has a number of items collected from trees in the City of Burbank like Australian flame tree flower, Jacaranda Pods, Gold Medallion Flowers, Elder Flower, Purple Plum Leaves and Kumquats. It will also have a variety of fruits and vegetables on it.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Burbank Tournament of Roses Association enters a “floatlet” in Burbank On Parade, a community spirit parade held in the spring. Association members design, build and decorate a mini-float to fit the parade theme. We have won several awards, including the President’s Trophy for best depiction of parade theme.

Burbank first took part in the parade in 1914, however, not all entries since then have been floats. In 1930 and 1931, we were represented by decorated automobiles! The Burbank Tournament of Roses Association is one of six all-volunteer float building organizations in the parade. All design, construction, and decoration work is done entirely by volunteers, some of them as young as six years old. All work is performed in the Burbank Water and Power Department yard at 123 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91502.

Opportunities to build and decorate extend to residents and visitors of Burbank and surrounding communities. Among participants are scout groups, community service groups and high school clubs. After the Post Parade Viewing, this float will be on display in the City of Burbank at the corner of Olive and Glenoaks for several more days (January 3-6, 2013). Check out our website at for information on design contest, other float entries, volunteering, and more!

ANIMATION: Seahorses move up and down, the fins on the submarine go up and down, the octopus tentacles move, the clam shells open and close, the periscope looks side to side and blinks at the crowd and the little creatures on the back move as they build a sand castle.

INNOVATION: Water feature, bubbles and lights. Our drive and animation engines are fueled by Propane to reduce emissions. Both the drive engine and the animation engine have been propane powered since 1991. A new cleaner burning propane-powered animation engine was designed and built by volunteers for the 2007 parade.

The system includes a new General Motors 5.7 liter industrial engine, a 9500 watt A/C electrical generator which is integrated into the engine assembly, and a custom-built, 108 gallon hydraulic reservoir, donated by Hydro-Craft. A computer-based animation controller is used to synchronize character movements. Several mini video cameras are installed on the float to provide a float's view of the parade route. The driver can view the live video feed for additional observing capability. An on-board video recorder is used to produce a time-lapse video.

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