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Family of Tournament of Roses President

Sally M. Bixby

Sally M. Bixby

Following behind President and Mr. Bixby are members of their extended family, riding in two Red Glacier National Park buses. Bus No. 39 owned by Bruce Austin and bus No. 64 owned by Sage Olson are part of the Jammer Trust, a non-profit educational Montana Public Service Corporation, dedicated to the preservation and exposition of historic touring vehicles.

The vehicles are draped with garlands of greens by FTD Florists.

Enjoying their historic ride down Colorado Boulevard are the Bixby’s daughter Hayden, her husband, Greg Van Belle, and their children, Evan, Quinn, Emily and Taylor; son Ryan, his wife, Linette, and their children, McKenna and Parker; and son Parker, his wife, Jessi, and their children Madeline and Duncan.

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