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The Pride of Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

UNIFORM: Modern styled uniform featuring a solid panel of grey from shoulder to toe down the left leg of each performer. Classic white shako for head gear with a 14" plume. The color guard features modern costuming with crimson red and a unique head piece of feathers.

BAND DESCRIPTION: 291 total, 8 leaders, 4 drum majors, 92 brass, 3 flag bearers, 31 percussion, 90 woodwinds, 5 banner carriers, 58 color guards.

The Broken Arrow Band program was founded in 1929 and over the many years has developed a tradition of musical excellence. The program has been and remains to be “a work in progress.” Under the current structure the Broken Arrow Band program consists of five middle schools, 2 intermediate high schools (9th and 10th grades) and one Senior high school. The senior high and intermediate schools each have 3 concert bands that meet daily and focus only on concert repertoire.

The Broken Arrow band program is celebrating over 80 years of combining music education and performance excellence. The Broken Arrow marching band is a 19 time Oklahoma State Marching Band Champion and has received the Oklahoma Secondary Schools “Sweepstakes Award’ over 100 times.

The Broken Arrow band has a proud heritage that includes the Sudler Shield, appearances in the Rose & Presidential Inaugural Parades and the Music For All National Concert Band Festival. Broken Arrow is a 9 time Grand National Finalist, and has received the Bands of America Al Castronova “Espirit de Corps’ Award. Broken Arrow is the 2001 & 2006 Bands of America Grand National Champion. Broken Arrow is the 2001 & 2006 Bands of America Grand National Champion.

PERSONNEL: Darrin Davis, director; James Stephens, Kelli Pence, Adam Wiencken, Cheryl Kimball, Kyle Smith, Wes Cartwright, assistant directors; Jeric Davison, Sam Kesler, Mason Kiser, Zach Moring, drum majors.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The marching band is a volunteer organization that is open for audition to anyone in the 9th through the 12th grades. The “Pride” meets after school for rehearsal and performs at home and away football games as well as various State, regional and national marching band contests. The concert bands in Broken Arrow have long been a driving force of the program. With more than 100 Oklahoma Secondary School Activity Association Sweepstakes awards, they are recognized as some of the top Wind bands in the country. The various concert bands have performed at the Oklahoma Music Educators Convention on several different occasions. The school band program also has produced several State champion Jazz Ensembles, Winter Guards, Percussion Ensembles and numerous district and State superior rated solos and small ensembles.

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