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All Izumo Honor Green Band

Izumo-City, Japan

Izumo-City, Japan

UNIFORM: Black pants, white tunic with blue-over-black overlay and blue-over-black sleevelet, black cowboy-style hat.

BAND DESCRIPTION: 123 total; 9 leaders, 2 drum majors, 44 brass, 1 flag bearer, 9 percussion, 56 woodwinds, 2 banner carriers.

This is an honor band comprised of band members from four of the high schools in Izumo-City, Japan. Izumo-City has a reputation for excellence among marching bands in Japan and has been well represented at the All-Japan Marching Band Contests.

PERSONNEL: Toshiyuki Kataoka, director; Hirofumi Yokoyama, assistant director; Mai Mihara, drum major; Natsuko Yamada, unit leader.

PREVIOUS APPEARANCES: This is the first appearance in the Rose Parade for the All Izumo Honor Green Band.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Izumo has a history among the oldest in Japan, and its contribution to the Japanese culture is significant. Izumo-City is located in Shimane Prefecture on the Sea of Japan side of the Chugoju region on Honshu Island, a region renowned in Japan for honesty and also known for Izumo soba noodles and the Izumo Taisha shrine, the oldest Shinto shrine in Japan.

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