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Wells Fargo presents the Theme Banner

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Oh, the Places You

Sally Bixby, President of the Tournament of Roses, announced that the theme for the 124th Rose Parade will be "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Like all good Rose Parade themes, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" is broad enough to encompass almost any design while at the same time giving a nudge in the artistic direction the president envisions. As Bixby says "The 2013 theme is about seizing the moment, throwing off the realistic cares of our daily lives and charging forth confidently. It is meant to encourage all to reach higher than the highest star, and to create and explore a world that is full of possibility, rich with imagination, and bursting with discovery."

This is the banner float and the oversized letters are a duplicate of the parade's theme poster.

FLOAT BUILDER: Phoenix Decorating Company

FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 16, Width: 18, Length: 30

A banner presenting the theme "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" kicks off the 124th Tournament of Roses Parade. The artwork representing the parade's theme poster is brought to life through flowers and other organic materials.

FLOWERING: Roses approximately 4,600 (Orange) Carnations approximately 900 (Orange)

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